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Anna Kontoleon

Vice President Sisters of the Leaf Greece 

Life coach

Let's Get

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A little about Anna

Anna has  an incredible passion and talent for bringing people together and teaching them to develop and realize their life dreams on many levels. She studied French literature at the national Kapodistrian University of Athens and Life Coaching at Kingston University.

She worked as a French teacher in private schools and then started her own business, a fashion boutique providing luxury brands focused on women and empowering them through a self – expressing desired image. Currently she is a self – employed life coach, working with many people throughout the world to assist them in achieving their overall life goals and personal or professional development. 


Anna is also promoting Greek jewelry designers in Greece and abroad, has an Art Gallery on the island of Paros, where she presents Greek and foreign artists. She is also a fashion blogger and speeches’ organizer, involved in book releases, poetry readings and musical evenings in her Art Gallery.


She is a prominent member, business Professional women – Greece, the V. President of the advisory board of SOTL Greece (public relations director), a renowned member in various groups to save stray animals, and an active supporter of charity initiations.


Anna was awarded an honorary distinction by UNESCO for her action to save lives.

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