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April C. Wright

Preschool Teacher

Cigar Fanatics Administrator

Host at

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A Bit About April

April C. Wright also known as the Duchess, is member 500 of Cigar Fanatics and Host of She has a passion for cigars and SF 49ers football ... A great resource for new people entering the cigar lifestyle. She and her husband of 20 years, fellow Cigar Fanatics Aaron Maurice Wright love to assist and mentor others in the cigar lifestyle! She loves Perdomo cigars, Drew Estate, Fuente, along with others! ""Cigar Fanatics has been a blessing to her life as well as her husband's life during this pandemic and has blessed them with great friends, and now family from all over the world!" Still growing and learning about cigars so in no way do she think she knows it all. It is a learning process that she will continue to dive in and be open to receive knowledge from those who've been in this industry for years now.

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