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Ayokie Milian

Business Administration

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A Bit About Ayokie

Ayokie is an avid Cigar Aficionada. She started her blue smoke journey 8 years ago. She manages several social media cigar platforms including:


Ayokie is the Founder of "Smokin Haute Cigar Society with 2000 members on Facebook and IG

  • National President of Texas Cigar Aficionados.

  • The largest Multicultural Cigar organization in the State of Texas

  • National Preident of "We Are One" a Global Cigar organization that include a conglomerate of cigar lounges, cigar stores, cigar groups, cigar brands, cigar aficionados and cigar manufacturers world wide.


Ayokie is also the Co-founder of a musical jazz facebook group with over 22,000 music enthusiast.

Business Experience

Ayokie has a Masters degree in Business Administration. She is professonally involved in the Healthcare industry and she manage 20 non clinical healthcare employees. Her career is very rewarding because she works at a Children's Hospital and is responsible for making sure that all Medical Doctors, Nurses and Healthcare staff are qualified skilled workers. Her job is instrumental in helping ensure that a seriously ill or injured child has the opportunity of having a future. Ayokie have a sense of pride everyday when she goes to work, knowing that she is making a real difference in the lives of children and their familes in their most difficult times of their lives.

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