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Carrie Persad

Co-Founder ROCF Cigars

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A little about Carrie

Carrie and her husband have been avid cigars smokers for a long time. Their first experience with a cigar was over 14 years ago. They started their cigar business in 2015, which was their dream. Carrie and her husband Ismael were so very interested in the process, they spent many hours making sure that everything was done properly. Their passion grew as the company was growing as well. This inspired both of them to become part of the company. as a hugh benefit. They both enjoy when people comment on their cigars and compliment their work. Carrie and Ismael own a factory in the Dominican Republic (ROCF), where they produce their own cigars such as Don Olivan,  BAMF and K-9, and a sister cigar factory in Zimbabwe. They also produce cigars for other major cigar brands.  

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