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Dr. Anastasia Psomiadi

Founder - President SOTL Global Movement

Founder - President APSON CSR

Founder - CEO SOTL Greece

Founder - Womanittee

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A little about Dr. Anastasia

Anastasia Psomiadi , holding a Ph.D. in Social Psychology & a Master of Arts in Theology,  is a self created entrepreneur who embraces social innovation. Due to her origins of a Pontiac benefactor family (with influence in society, education, religion factors), she has always been very sensitive about issues of human rights, cultural heritage and business ethics.


She is the founder and president of APSON CSR, the first and pioneer company  in Greece that specializes in Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility  redefining it since 2007 and promoting Public Private Partnerships.  She is also the founder and President of one of the first social enterprises in Greece.

Keen to share  knowledge, she is also  lecturer and head of the educational programs in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability  and in Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship in post graduate programs at  a private university.


As a scientific supervisor in Responsible Entrepreneurship for youth and start uppers and Communication Advisor for Sustainability  she has a wide range of activities, creating innovative mechanisms of fruitful partnerships  between Public and Private sector.


Being a woman of nonstop initiative and vision, she is also the founder and the head of the first Centres in Greece for supporting Women in Business ( under the auspices of the Ministry of Development and Investment and the Central Union of Greek Munitipalities.


Envisioned a world in which people have the strength to break the stereotypes, she is the founder and  leader of a global social initiative “Sister of the Leaf Greece” that gave birth to SOTL GLOBAL MOVEMENT.

By Leading SOTL GLOBAL Movement, her vision is to sculpture a better world, free from stereotypes, where women’ s position shall be established in a base of equality, along with empowering women to pursue their dreams. 


Driven from her passion to build bridges and connect with people, she is a public speaker and she also participates as an instructor/facilitator in Conferences, Seminars and Workshops thus promoting Social issues, Business Ethics, Female Leadership,  Social Innovation, Entrepreneurship, CSR and Sustainability.

She has a strong presence in both, publishing articles about the new trends and directions of CSR, as well as on  television and radio interviews.

She has been a communication consultant and project manager representing and repositioning companies as well as organizations. As an organizer of cultural and scientific conferences, she has participated in several worldwide - U.S.A., Canada, S. Africa, Egypt, Germany, Belgium, and Australia, China, Hong Kong. 


Anastasia, is generally involved in issues regarding ethical and responsible entrepreneurship, female leadership and Social Innovation.

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