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Elisabetta Signorelli

CEO ES Elegant Smoker Cigar Accessories

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A Bit About Elisabetta

Elisabetta smoked her first cigar in 2014 during a dinner party and was offered this cigar of which she doesn't remember much except that she fell in love with the blue smoke. 

It wasn't until a year later that she managed to smoke another cigar and since then the passion has only increased. Her love for the cigar industry grew so much that she decided to start her own line of accessories for smokers. At the beginning she had some difficulties because of stereotypes in the cigar industry. With time she managed to overcome all of them and face the industry straight in the eye! On the contrary, the more time passes, the more she meets new women - aficionadas who are passionate about cigars;  also thanks to her profession which allows her to travel a lot. 

Business Experience

Elisabetta Signorelli, was born 44 years ago in a small country in Umbria, in the center of Italy. 
She always had an indipendent soul and for this reason when she finished the hight school, she started working at her father’s company. 


Her father owned a mechanical engineering company and at the beginning it wasn’t easy for her. Being an inexperienced woman amongst all men was tough but she never gave up.  After a year she was completely independent in her job and at the end she became a positive motivation for everyone.

Unfortunately her father died in May of 2015 which greatly affected her life. But with plenty of perseverance, in October 2015 she opened her new company ELIMEC srls.  Her father’s customers had so much trust in her so instead of haulting production, the company experienced growth. 

I was that same year that she started to smoke cigars and discovered her new passion.  This passion of hers, made her launch ES Elegant Smoker, her own cigar accessories line!

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