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Jessica Giordano

Bellagio Habanos Lounge President

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A Bit About Jessica

Jessica's experience in the tobacco world started very naturallly. She literally spent and still spend her whole adult life between cigars and habanos. In Argentina it was and is normal to see her, a woman, in the tobacco shop and she was always treated with respect.


Jessica thinks that cigars have a little bit of magic, that everyone can enjoy alone or together with other people. For her, it is also a great pleasure to be able to provide her clients with high quality tobacco, knowing that they will be part of great moments of their lives.

Business Experience

Jessica started working in the Tobacco industry when she was 19 years old, more precisely, when she got married and joined her husband’s, Fernando Gabriel Estrada, Bellagio Habanos tobacco shop in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  
In 1998 they became Davidoff of Geneva Flagship Store, in the picturesque downtown of Buenos Aires. Meanwhile, they opened another Davidoff Store in the iconic Caesar Park Hotel and a Cigar Bar in the Algodon Mansion rooftop.   Recently, in 2018, they obtained the Habanos Lounge representation, therefore they became what they are today, Bellagio Habanos Lounge.  

In 2019, they had the honour of wining the “Premio Habano Del Año” in the business category at the Festival del Habano in La Havana, Cuba.  

Bellagio Habanos Lounge is a  cigar bar shop, an importer and distributor of premium tobacco in Argentina.

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