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Kendall Kinchen Stephens

Owner Cigar Fanatics

 IT Support Specialist III State of Louisiana

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A Bit About Kendall

Kendall Stephens works for local government, and has an extensive background in information technology. She is a proud member of WIT - Woman in Technology, which promotes women, entering, and flourishing within the IT industry.

On February of 2020, Carl Moodispaugh who was a fearless leader in the cigar industry, along with SOTL Kendall Stephens, April Wright, BOTL Tommy LaFrance, and its founding members, started an online social connection community on Facebook called, Cigar Fanatics. There, seasoned cigar aficionados and newcomers alike could share advice, deals, reviews and chat informally about the hobby they loved without judgement or a sales pitch. Soon after, the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic forced many of us inside our homes.


Cigar Fanatics, then created the ZoomCigarBar, an always-open free place for friends to gather informally and connect. His vision was “social distancing without social disconnecting”. The Cigar Fanatic dream grew from 30 founding members in early 2020, to over 20,000 as of now. The is an always on, 24/7 online cigar lounge, that host over 1600 lounge members monthly, with 20-30 cigar smokers nightly and has many famous drop-ins, Jose Blanco, Cynthia and Carlito Fuente, Nick and Janine Perdomo, etc.. and friendships have been made which will last a lifetime. It has become a beautiful, fun, and caring Family Of The Leaf.


Zoom Cigar Bar is an online cigar lounge. No one is interviewed. Come as you are with a cigar and a drink and join the fun!


Sadly on August 10th 2021 Carl Moodispaugh, our friend, founder, and fearless leader, lost his battle with angiosarcoma cancer at the age of 53. Fanatics and its founding members, have formed a board, and a family of the leaf team, to maintain and grow, Carl’s dream. We are all honored and blessed, to continue managing this community in Carl’s honor. Our Team has a trademark for Cigar Fanatics and its logo.

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