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Temi Kinnard - Bing

Partner Emperors Cut Cigars

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A Bit About Temi

Temi grew up loving the warmth, figuratively and literally of Central and South America. Very quickly as a teenager in the United States, She had to adjust that warm community feeling, and sense of home, for hustle and individualism. Longing for the images of families playing dominos and enjoying each other to fine spirits and the aroma of tobacco and just the simple idea of economic togetherness, she sought out the cigar community. It would take 10 years after college to visit her first cigar lounge in the United States and at that time, a woman was not welcomed. Accompanied by her older male cousin at the time, and before becoming a wife, mother and technology executive, she was not welcomed. Discouraged, she said one day, she would return and have her own. With all that life demands from her family and career, the moment with her cigar is special and sacred. It's a time that takes her back to her upbringing with her abuelo and abuela. Her abuela taught her to have an affinity for all leaves, herbs, and spices. As a young woman, she often had to hide her passion for cigars, and the joy of community that it brings to her life. She grew up knowing that women are the backbone of the industry, working in the fields and factories, rolling a great cigar, but were shunned for showing their love for a cigar in public Today, it is truly an honor to be an Owner/Partner of Emperors Cut Cigars.  Temi is overjoyed when she walks into a cigar lounge today that’s owned by women, and smoking cigars, created by women. This project fed her passion, and her love for cigars, but most of all has helped her and many women evolve into their best self.

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