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Become a Women Friendly Cigar Lounge

Be the difference!

Stand out from the crowd and be known as a Women Friendly Accredited Cigar Lounge!

Turn your lounge into a more enticing environment for aficionadas and aficionados


  • Align with the SOTL Global Movement Memorandum of Understanding during the application process

  • Genuinely support women entrepreneurs in the cigar industry & carry some of their blends (Hiram and Solomon Cigars, Nova Cigars, Don Olivan Cigars, Micallef Cigars, Drunk Chicken Cigars, Perdomo Cigars, Fuente Cigars, Emperor's Cut and Karen Berger Cigars)

  • Display the two-page certificate at your lounge


SOTL Global Movement is creating an inviting and comfortable environment where women feel welcome, striving to grow the wave of innovation and creativity in the cigar industry. Cigars are an epicurean delight for both women and men.


Key Benefits of Certification


  • Premier listing as a Certified Women Friendly Cigar Lounge on our platform and on Light'Em Up

  • Use of the SOTL Global Movement logo in your advertising (print, web, newsletters, email campaigns). Build exceptional reputation by gaining positive recognition 

  • Special offers from the SOTL Global Movement partners (Nova, Hiram & Solomon, Don Olivan, Drunk Chicken, Karen Berger, BAMF)

  • Priority for special events at your lounge during different-region visits by the SOTL Global Movement management team

  • Increased marketabilty

  • Competitive advantage

  • Facebook and other social media shoutouts  

  • Women Friendly Certificate with SOTL Global Movement partners for you to display

  • Validation of knowledge

  • Enhanced credibility amongst aficionadas and aficionados





SOTL Global Movement partners with Light 'Em Up

SOTL Global Movement (SGM) and Light ‘Em Up are proud to announce that the organizations have entered into a strategic partnership that will promote women friendly cigar lounges across the globe. 


The agreement brings together the cigar platform of tomorrow, Light ‘Em Up a pioneer of its kind, and SOTL Global Movement 


This collaboration puts women-friendly cigar lounges on a map with a special tag to give them extra visibility within the rapidly growing Light ‘Em Up community while at the same time it "strengthens everyone’s ability to promote an establishment that is cigar friendly for both women and men in every region across the globe. 


We therefore, invite everyone to align their actions with the SGM’s principles and sign the SOTL Global Movement’s Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in order to obtain the Certification.


Interesting Facts​

  • Women are experienced aficionadas, with a huge wealth of information for the cigar world.

  • Women are very strict in their judgement, and they are ready to explore the delightful experiences of cigars.

  • Cigar smoking is a ritual that bonds women with each other and the men in their lives.

  • Women becoming cigar smokers and going to lounges in recent years has allowed men to feel more comfortable with their own elegance.

  • Cigar-smoking women of our mothers’ and grandmothers' generation usually pursued their pleasure in private. When this changes, it will alter the face of the industry

  • Approximately 84% of all social media influencers are women (Statista data)

  • Statistics show that there are 3.2 million women that smoke cigars, but according to cigar manufacturers and retailers, women appear to be smoking cigars in significantly greater numbers

Women Friendly Cigar Establishments

Become a Certified 

Women Friendly Cigar Lounge


Our Partners

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