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Smoke, Swag, and Sound: P La Cangri's Trendsetting Cigar Evolution

P La Cangri is an artist/ performer known for being dynamic, with a lot of energy and amazing stage presence that captivates audiences. P La Cangri is also the epitome of a distinct New York swagger, with a unique style or attitude.

Smoke, Swag, and Sound: P La Cangri's Trendsetting Cigar Evolution

Smoke, Swag, and Sound: P La Cangri's Trendsetting Cigar Evolution

P La Cangri is an artist/ performer known for being dynamic, with a lot of energy and amazing stage presence that captivates audiences. P La Cangri is also the epitome of a distinct New York swagger, with a unique style or attitude. She embodies the confidence, charisma, and cultural influences commonly associated with the Big Apple. With her global appeal, her talents extend beyond one specific location or audience. She attracts fans from different parts of the world, showcasing her versatility and broad appeal as an entertainer, a performer, and a cigar maker.
The tale of her entry into the cigar industry is truly captivating. With Cuban heritage flowing through her veins and a grandmother who mastered the art of rolling cigars in Cuba's renowned Holguin region, her connection to cigars runs deep. Growing up, she had the privilege of sharing countless cigar experiences with her father, which further ignited her passion for this craft. But how did this all happen?

The Madison Avenue Encounter
In her quest for exceptional cigars, she stumbled upon the finest cigar shop on Madison Avenue in New York City. There, fate brought her face-to-face with a knowledgeable salesperson who forever changed her perspective on cigars. This encounter introduced her to Graycliff cigars from the beautiful Bahamas, a brand that exuded undeniable allure, albeit at a seemingly unattainable price point. Nevertheless, she couldn't resist purchasing some of their other offerings, which led to a genuine connection with the salesperson. Later, this salesperson graciously gifted her three exquisite Graycliff cigars known as the Purple Label, specifically the Graycliff Chateau Grand Cru Pirate.

The Journey to Graycliff
After a lot of planning, the day finally arrived when she decided to embark on a journey to Nassau, Bahamas, with the sole purpose of experiencing firsthand the unmatched excellence of Graycliff cigars. Upon arriving at the Graycliff Sky Lounge, she was pleasantly surprised when the manager recognized her and informed Enrico Garzaroli, the visionary behind Graycliff, of her visit. Enrico, a true connoisseur himself, generously invited her to the Graycliff Hotel & Restaurant that evening, where she began an extraordinary chapter in her cigar journey. Fun fact: Graycliff Hotel boasts the world's number one privately owned wine cellar, housing over 285,000 bottles.
As she sat in the Graycliff Hotel lounge, a sense of disbelief washed over her. It felt like a dream come true. Without hesitation, she expressed her desire to purchase two boxes of the renowned Purple Label cigars to Enrico Garzaroli. To her delight, Enrico simply smiled and assured her that it was no trouble at all. Sipping on a glass of fine champagne, she relished the moment, knowing that she would be able to collect those prized cigars the next day.

A Serendipitous Connection
On the following day, Paolo Garzaroli, Enrico's son, informed her that her eagerly awaited cigar boxes were ready for pickup. Upon meeting Paolo, an instant connection formed between them. He warmly welcomed her and graciously offered a tour of the entire premises. As they strolled through the fragrant air, exploring the various stages of the cigar-making process, Paolo's infectious enthusiasm and knowledge sparked her interest. It was an effortless exchange, a dream come true that she had never anticipated.
During their time together, over sips of Cuban rum, an idea sprouted within her—a desire to venture into the realm of creating her own cigar line. She casually shared this notion with Paolo. His eyes lit up with intrigue, and in that moment of excitement and possibility, they sealed their agreement with a simple handshake. This collaboration between her envisioned brand and the esteemed Graycliff establishment culminated in the creation of "Boss of the Block by Graycliff" cigars.
In that unexpected moment, amid the aromatic surroundings and their exchange, a new chapter unfolded. The merging of Graycliff and her passion for music set the stage for an exciting new venture. It was a harmonious convergence of shared interests and a commitment to excellence—a journey that saw "Boss of the Block Cigars" come to life, all born from a chance encounter and a handshake at Graycliff.

Her Multifaceted Journey
Being a musical artist, DJ, and cigar brand owner is a multifaceted and deeply fulfilling experience that intertwines various roles in her life. As a musician, she finds solace and inspiration in the rhythm and melodies that flow through her veins. Through music, she strives to captivate hearts, evoke emotions, and forge connections with her listeners. It allows her to express her deepest passions, leaving a lasting imprint on the world.
Embracing the role of an entrepreneur, P La Cangri thrives on the exhilarating challenges and endless possibilities that come with building something from the ground up. Whether nurturing her own record label or embarking on ambitious ventures, she is fueled by an unwavering vision and relentless determination to make a significant impact in the industries she ventures into.
Within the realm of cigars, she is an avid aficionado, immersing herself in the artistry and heritage that accompanies every hand-rolled masterpiece. With a discerning palate and a deep appreciation for craftsmanship, she relishes the pleasure of savoring the rich flavors and intricate nuances of each cigar. This role allows her to cultivate a sophisticated taste and forge connections with fellow connoisseurs who share her passion.
As a friend, she treasures the bonds she has forged along her journey. She cherishes the moments spent laughing, supporting, and creating memories with those who have become an integral part of her life. Offering a listening ear, a comforting presence, or an infectious spirit, she strives to be a pillar of strength and positivity, nurturing the connections that enrich her existence.
Her love for gastronomy transcends mere sustenance, as she delves into the realm of a dedicated foodie. Exploring diverse cuisines, discovering hidden culinary gems, and relishing the artistry of flavors and presentation, she immerses herself in gastronomic delights. Each culinary adventure unravels stories and traditions, allowing her to savor not just the taste but also the cultural heritage that accompanies every bite.
Lastly, as a DJ, she is a conductor of energy and an architect of the dance floor. Guiding the atmosphere with carefully selected beats and seamless transitions, she creates a sonic landscape that ignites euphoria and unites revelers in a rhythmic journey. Through music, she unleashes the transformative power that connects souls and transcends boundaries, leaving a lasting impression.
Together, these roles paint a vivid portrait of her diverse and dynamic existence. Each facet intertwines, allowing her to live a life enriched by creativity, connection, passion, and the pursuit of extraordinary experiences.

P La Cangri - The Anatomy of a Successful DJ
The key to success as a DJ lies in the ability to put personal preferences aside and prioritize delivering a performance that fulfills the audience's needs. It is crucial to understand that the role of a DJ is to please the crowd, even though it may be impossible to please every individual. This shift in mindset from self-focused to audience-centric signifies a level of enlightenment that transforms the approach to DJing.
By embracing the notion that a DJ's purpose is to create an unforgettable experience for the audience, a path to success becomes clear. This entails honing the skill of reading the crowd, observing their reactions, and adapting the music selection accordingly. It involves understanding the nuances of different environments, events, and cultural contexts, allowing the DJ to curate a set that deeply resonates with the audience and connects them on a profound level.
Successful DJs possess a heightened awareness of the energy in the room, intuitively sensing when to build it up, when to bring it down, and when to unleash an infectious rhythm that ignites the dance floor. They skillfully navigate through various genres, seamlessly blending tracks, and crafting transitions that create a continuous flow, maintaining a captivating atmosphere.
Beyond technical proficiency, successful DJs excel in communication skills. They interact with the audience, fostering a sense of connection and engagement. They listen to feedback, adapt to requests when appropriate, and navigate the delicate balance between maintaining their artistic integrity and catering to the desires of the crowd. This ability to strike a harmonious balance ensures a symbiotic relationship between the DJ and the audience, enhancing the overall experience.
Furthermore, successful DJs continually expand their musical knowledge and keep their finger on the pulse of emerging trends. They explore new genres, discover underground artists, and invest time in selecting unique tracks that surprise and delight the audience. This dedication to staying current and evolving ensures that their sets remain fresh, captivating, and relevant.
Ultimately, the skills that make a DJ successful revolve around the profound understanding that they are there to create an extraordinary experience for the audience. By prioritizing the crowd's enjoyment, tailoring the set to their desires, and embracing the art of reading the room, DJs can forge a path to success, leaving a lasting impression on those who have the privilege of dancing to their beats.

The rewarding aspects of being a musical artist, DJ, and cigar brand owner

The most captivating and fulfilling aspect of being a musical artist, DJ, and cigar brand owner lies in the remarkable convergence of passion, dedication, persistence, relentlessness, and taste. These quintessential qualities are the lifeblood that courses through the veins of these creative pursuits, intertwining them into a tapestry of extraordinary experiences.
Passion ignites the flame that fuels these endeavors, infusing every chord, beat, and puff with undeniable energy. It is a relentless fire that burns within, propelling the artist, DJ, and brand owner to pursue their craft with unwavering enthusiasm and fervor. Passion breathes life into each musical composition, each meticulously curated set, and each exquisite blend of tobacco leaves, infusing them with a depth and soul that captivates the senses.
Dedication is the unwavering commitment that anchors these roles, embodying a steadfast devotion to honing one's craft and continuously pushing the boundaries of creativity. It is a relentless pursuit of excellence, a willingness to invest countless hours refining skills, experimenting with new techniques, and constantly seeking growth. Dedication imbues every note, every mix, and every cigar blend with a sense of purpose and refinement, transforming them into works of art.
Persistence is the tenacious spirit that refuses to yield in the face of obstacles and setbacks. It is the driving force that propels the artist, DJ, and brand owner forward, even in the face of adversity. With unwavering determination, they overcome challenges, surmount hurdles, and rise above limitations, forging their own unique path in the industry. Persistence breathes resilience into the music, the sets, and the cigars, infusing them with an indomitable spirit that resonates with audiences worldwide.
Relentlessness is the insatiable hunger for innovation and pushing creative boundaries. It is the refusal to settle for mediocrity and the constant quest for greatness. Relentlessness fuels the artist's exploration of new genres, the DJ's relentless pursuit of groundbreaking tracks, and the brand owner's tireless commitment to crafting the perfect cigar blend. It drives them to reimagine what is possible, to challenge conventions, and to leave an indelible mark on their respective industries.
Taste is the discerning palate and refined sensibilities that distinguish these roles as true connoisseurs of their craft. It is an intuitive understanding of what resonates deeply with audiences, what captivates the senses, and what transcends the ordinary. Taste is the secret ingredient that infuses each musical creation, each curated set, and each meticulously blended cigar with an unmatched allure, elevating them to unparalleled heights of sophistication and artistry.
In the enchanting world of music, DJing, and cigar branding, the interplay of passion, dedication, persistence, relentlessness, and taste creates an enchanting symphony that resonates with the hearts and souls of individuals around the globe. It is a remarkable journey that rewards those who dare to immerse themselves fully, culminating in a tapestry of extraordinary experiences that transcend time and leave an indelible legacy in the annals of creative expression.

Transformations for the SOTL Global Movement in the Cigar Industry
Looking ahead, she loves the fact that the SOTL Global Movement is spearheading transformative changes in the cigar industry that embrace diversity, open-mindedness, and adaptability. Building upon the remarkable attributes that define the movement today, she believes it should continuously evolve and stay ahead of the trends, acting as a catalyst for positive change.
First and foremost, she believes the SOTL Global Movement should strive to foster an even greater sense of inclusivity within the cigar industry. Breaking down barriers and embracing diversity will create an environment that welcomes individuals from all walks of life, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or background. This inclusivity will enrich the industry, broadening perspectives, and encouraging innovation.
Additionally, the SGM should continue its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Recognizing the importance of preserving the natural resources that contribute to the creation of exceptional cigars, the SGM can spearhead initiatives that promote sustainable practices throughout the entire supply chain. By prioritizing eco-friendly cultivation, production, and packaging methods, the industry can minimize its ecological footprint and contribute to a greener future.
In line with the ever-evolving trends, she wants to see the SOTL Global Movement embracing digitalization and technology. By harnessing the power of lobbying for changes in regulations, enhancing e-commerce platforms, online communities, and leveraging social media, it can expand its reach and create new avenues for engagement with enthusiasts and aficionados worldwide. This digital presence would enable broader access to information, facilitate virtual tastings, and foster an interconnected community of passionate cigar lovers.
Moreover, she believes the movement should continue to prioritize education and appreciation for the artistry of cigar making. By organizing workshops, seminars, and events, SOTL can empower enthusiasts and newcomers alike with knowledge about the rich history, cultivation techniques, and craftsmanship that go into creating premium cigars. This educational focus would enhance the experience of consumers, elevating their appreciation and deepening their connection to the industry.
Lastly, as the SOTL Global Movement continues to evolve, she applauds its commitment to staying on top of emerging trends and embracing change. This flexibility and adaptability will be vital in navigating the ever-shifting preferences and demands of consumers. By remaining receptive to new ideas, exploring innovative techniques, and collaborating with industry leaders, the movement can drive continuous improvement and lead the way in shaping the future of the cigar industry.
In essence, her vision for the SOTL global movement in the near future is a cigar industry that embraces diversity, sustainability, digitalization, education, and adaptability. By embracing these transformations, the movement will create a thriving and inclusive environment that captivates the hearts and palates of cigar enthusiasts around the world.
While she is walking away from our Zoom call so she can continue her journey, P La Cangri as an artist, performer, and cigar brand owner is a testament to her unwavering passion, dedication, and relentless pursuit of excellence. From her chance encounter on Madison Avenue to her collaboration with Graycliff, she has embraced her Cuban heritage and immersed herself in the world of cigars, creating a line that embodies her unique style and taste. As a musical artist and DJ, she captivates audiences with her energy and talent, forging connections through the power of music. Her multifaceted journey as an entrepreneur, cigar aficionada, friend, and foodie, paints a vivid portrait of a life enriched by creativity, connection, and the pursuit of extraordinary experiences. With her vision, she aims to foster sustainability, digitalization, education, and adaptability in the cigar industry, shaping its future for the better. P La Cangri's story is one of transformation, inspiration, and a relentless pursuit of greatness that leaves an indelible mark on the world of music, cigars, and beyond.

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