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The Unsung Heroes of the Cigar Industry: Women of the Leaf

For many, a premium cigar is a symbol of relaxation, celebration, or contemplation.

The Unsung Heroes of the Cigar Industry: Women of the Leaf

The Unsung Heroes of the Cigar Industry: Women of the Leaf

For many, a premium cigar is a symbol of relaxation, celebration, or contemplation. The deep, aromatic notes, the ritualistic lighting, and the billowing clouds of smoke tell a story of luxury and timelessness. However, behind these prized cigars lie stories of resilience, dedication, and, most prominently, the women who make them possible. Often overshadowed by their male counterparts, women in the cigar industry—from the fields to the rolling rooms—have been the backbone of this age-old craft for centuries. These are the unsung heroes of the cigar world: the Women of the Leaf.

Women of the Fields: The True Custodians of Quality
Venture into the heart of cigar tobacco farms and factories, and you'll find women at every turn. We visited one such farm and factory back in February 2023. We were blessed enough to spend 4 days at the Perdomo Factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. The Perdomo Tour is one that everyone needs to experience. These 4 days we spent in Esteli will always stay in my mind; the whole tour was beyond amazing.

And just as I mentioned above, the Perdomo farms and factories were full of women of the leaf. All of them with a smile on their face, and a cigar at hand. All of them continue the legacy of women and their involvement in tobacco cultivation which dates back centuries, but only recently has their work begun to gain the recognition it deserves. So how do these unsung heroines create their legacy?

The labor-intensive journey of every cigar starts in the vast stretches of tobacco fields. Hidden behind the veil of mist in the early mornings, women walk between rows of tobacco plants, fingers stained from plucking the matured leaves, working under the blazing sun, tending to the delicate tobacco plants. These plants demand attention to detail, from planting seeds to ensuring they are shielded from pests and diseases.

They are an integral part of the vast tobacco farms that span countries like the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Cuba.

Despite their historical significance, women have often been relegated to the shadows, their contributions hidden from the spotlight. Nevertheless, their presence in tobacco cultivation has been an enduring one, with generations of women playing pivotal roles on family-owned tobacco farms. In days gone by, they would assist in sowing seeds, nurturing saplings, and ultimately reaping the harvest of matured leaves. Over time, their roles have expanded, reflecting the industry's changing landscape. Today, many women occupy supervisory positions, ensuring the impeccable quality and overall health of the precious tobacco crops, further solidifying their indispensable role in this age-old trade.

As we explore deeper into the world of cigar tobacco farming, it becomes abundantly clear that women have not only been present but have also thrived in this tobacco world environment. Their resilience, expertise, and dedication continue to shape the legacy of tobacco cultivation, reminding us of the invaluable contributions of these remarkable women who have worked tirelessly to preserve and enrich this timeless tradition.

Picking Excellence: The Skill of Selection

The quality of a cigar heavily depends on the tobacco leaves selected for its making. Women, with their attention to detail, have been the linchpin in this selection process. They can discern the subtle differences between leaves, choosing only the ones that fit the required profile for a particular cigar blend.
Ana, a tobacco picker I met at the Perdomo Cigars Factory tour in Estelí, Nicaragua, said, “Each leaf tells a story. It’s like picking the right ingredient for a recipe. If the tobacco is not right, the whole blend can be off.” This crucial and painstaking selection process is the cornerstone of ensuring that every cigar lives up to its promise of delivering a distinctive flavor and captivating aroma. It is a testament to the artistry and dedication that go into producing these hand-rolled masterpieces, where every leaf contributes to the harmonious symphony of flavors and aromas that aficionados seek and cherish. Thus, the hands of these skilled women, like Ana, continue to shape the tobacco industry, preserving the legacy of exceptional cigars for generations to come.

The Art of Rolling: Mastery in Every Cigar

Of all the stages in cigar production, rolling stands out as an art form. 'Torcedoras' — the women rollers — are the unsung artisans behind each meticulously handcrafted cigar. A Torcedora's hands dance gracefully, turning, stretching, and folding the tobacco leaves. This intricate ballet produces cigars that not only smoke well but also look exquisite. The precision and artistry women bring to this process are paramount. They ensure consistency in each roll, from the foot to the head, delivering the smooth draw that cigar enthusiasts cherish.
A lot of women master rollers describe their craft as if each cigar they roll carries a part of them. It’s a dance of fingers and tobacco. Remarkably, in cigar factories worldwide, it is often the case that women outshine their male counterparts when it comes to achieving unparalleled levels of quality and consistency. Their deft touch, refined and perfected through countless hours of practice, breathes life into the tobacco, transforming it into a tangible embodiment of craftsmanship and devotion. In the world of cigars, the Torcedoras stand as living testaments to the idea that artistry knows no gender, and that true mastery is not confined by convention.

Challenges and Triumphs

Like any industry, the cigar world has its challenges. For many women, working in the fields or factories means long hours, sometimes in challenging conditions. They often juggle their responsibilities at work with those at home, ensuring their families are cared for while contributing to the family income. Yet, despite these challenges, many women cherish the camaraderie they develop with their peers. The rolling table isn’t just a place of work; it’s a place of shared stories, laughter, and mutual support.
While the roles of women in cultivation, picking, and rolling are paramount, it’s essential to highlight their increasing influence in other spheres of the cigar industry. Women are emerging as successful entrepreneurs, marketers, and even blenders, challenging the historically male-dominated space.
Multiple cigar brands have witnessed the influence of women in shaping their success stories. These women are not just restricted to the background; they're front and center, leading, innovating, and changing the game.

Challenges and the Way Forward

In spite of the significant and enduring contributions made by women in the cigar industry, it is essential to acknowledge that they continue to encounter a series of challenges and obstacles in their pursuit of excellence and recognition within this realm. These challenges can encompass cultural stereotypes that can hinder their progress and success.

Nonetheless, there is a palpable sense of change and transformation occurring within the cigar industry, as a growing number of organizations and initiatives are actively advocating for women's empowerment, and visibility on a global scale. One such noteworthy organization is the SOTL Global Movement, which has emerged as a powerful force dedicated to advancing the interests and rights of women involved in the world of cigars.

In addition to these advocacy efforts, various events and gatherings are providing an invaluable platform for female rollers, blenders, and entrepreneurs to showcase their remarkable talent, expertise, and creativity. For instance, events like the 'PCA Convention' in the United States and the 'Procigar Festival' in the Dominican Republic have taken center stage as they not only celebrate the accomplishments of women in the cigar industry but also foster an environment of collaboration, mentorship, and inspiration.

These gatherings not only serve as a testament to the growing recognition of women's pivotal roles within the cigar industry but also as a testament to the industry's evolving dynamics. As women continue to break down barriers and redefine their roles, it is evident that the winds of change are indeed blowing, promising a brighter future for all those passionate about the art and craft of cigars. With each passing day, women's contributions to this centuries-old tradition are becoming increasingly celebrated and indispensable, reshaping the landscape of the cigar world in exciting and innovative ways.

Conclusion: Celebrating the Women of Cigars

As consumers, the best way to honor the work of these women is through knowledge and appreciation. Understanding the journey of a cigar, from seed to smoke, reminds us of the hands that crafted them.
The next time you light up a cigar, take a moment to think about the countless women who played a part in its journey. From the fields to the factories, their dedication, skill, and passion shine through in every puff. They are the heart and soul of the cigar industry, and it’s time we celebrated them. Their contributions, though often overlooked, are essential. They are the unsung heroines of the cigar industry, deserving of recognition and gratitude.

So here’s to the women who make our favorite pastime possible. Here's to their strength, their skill, and their spirit. Here's to the women of the cigar world.

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