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8th SOTL Global Roundtable

8th SOTL Global Roundtable

"We break the stereotypes. We love cigar world"

January 19th 2023

8th SOTL Global Roundtable

8th SOTL Global Movement Round Table
Cigars & Social Health

“We love cigar world. We break the stereotypes.”

Based on SGMs ongoing multi subject interdisciplinary research that is focused on
reaching deep into the social impact of cigar smoking and how it influences health
behaviors, SGM organized the 8th Global Roundtable with great success.

This Round Table took place via zoom platform on January 19th at 9pm Greece (UTC
+ 3 / EEST), 7pm UK and 1pm CST US time.

Dr. Anastasia Psomiadi, as an Associate Researcher of the Laboratory of
Experimental Social Psychology of the Panteion University, hosted guest speakers
Ms. Katja Gnan – Editor in Chief Cigar Journal, Ms. Temi Bush from Emperor’s Cut
cigars, Detra Thomas - and Belkys Sanchez from
“Fuente The OpusX Society by Manny Iriarte”

The guests speakers answered the questions of the panelists Ashes with Ash,
Cynthia Gonzales, Des Hammond, Leonor Abzaradel, Ms Toya Goody, Monica
Coleman, Patricia Khalaf, Romy Kashouty, Sarah Saunders, Lefty Karropoulos.
This SOTL Global Round Table was dedicated to the contribution of cigars in Social
Health, focusing on the senses, emotions, connectedness, bonding, and the social
value of a cigar without even smoking it.

The 8th SGM Round Table was very important to the SOTL Global Movement because
it was the first public announcement of the SGM research. The research has begun
with sample subjects in Greece, but will cover all widest possible range of overlapping
networks and cigar communities in the US and across the globe.

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