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Belkys Sanchez

Creative Director

After being a passionate teacher for twenty years, a life coach for three years, a full-time Mom to her incredible children Brayden and Gyllian, I decided to pursue my passion and love for the cigar industry. She smoked her first cigar in the year 2004, an Arturo Fuente Don Carlos. After that first smoke, she knew there was a connection and she wanted to know more. More of the culture, more of the process, more of the history, more of the people, and most importantly, more of the hands that would masterpiece each cigar. In 2021, an opportunity came her way to come into the cigar industry, and here she is. Regional Director for Fuente The OpusX Society by Manny Iriarte, an accessory line inspired and designed for Carlito’s OpusX brand. She is learning every day, connecting with so many people, and above all, indulging in experiences every chance she has. Adding to her cigar journey, she will be attending SGM Maestro School to obtain her Cigar Sommelier Certification. It is a true honor and pleasure to represent us all in this rich cultural cigar industry. Breaking stereotypes and expanding bridges in all areas of this world

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