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Amanda Micallef

Vice President Marketing Micallef Cigars

Sometimes you find something, and from the first time you interact with it, you know it’s for you. You might think, where has this been all my life? Everything about it feels natural and right and good. I had a different experience with cigars. It was the exact opposite.

But when your septuagenarian father decides to start a cigar company, you quickly find yourself with a cigar in hand.

Amanda drinks wine and whiskey. She enjoys both a food truck taco and a Michelin star restaurant. Cigars, though, were never really something that piqued her interest. She tried a cigar or two but didn’t understand the fuss, plus she felt awkward doing it. But she hung in there, and one day, something changed. she didn’t even notice at first. She was smoking and talking. About a third of the way through, my cigar hit her, and it tasted so good, and she felt good. The conversation flowed, and the cigar felt like a natural extension of Amanda. She remembers thinking, “Ohhhh, now I get it!” Excited, She dove into learning all she could about these artisanal products. So many things surprised her in the best way, not the least of which was discovering how many women are in the cigar business; it’s not nearly the boys club, so many believe it to be.

Today, there are female executives and owners at many of the top cigar companies, organizations, and stores. But it doesn’t stop there; women are an integral part of the making and marketing cigars and have been for generations. Her love affair with cigars may have blossomed over time, but it’s no less strong for it. She is proud to play a tiny part in the heritage of this great industry.

As the Marketing leader for consumer goods company, Micallef Cigars, and V.P. of Sales and Marketing for silicone manufacturer, Jamak, Amanda Micallef focuses her energy and passion on strategy, communication, and community for these family businesses. Previously, Amanda spent 20 years in Los Angeles working across several industries and in various roles: movie production, marketing executive, and founder / President of a media company and Elemental Creative Agency. Amanda built an experiential and digital marketing team that successfully served premier clients like Anheuser-Busch, Rockstar Energy, Whispering Angel by Chateau d'Esclans, SLS Hotels, Mumm Champagne, and Dulce Vida Tequila. Amanda is a member of the Producer's Council of the Producers Guild of America and Women in Film. Since 2004, she has served on the Board of the JMK family of businesses.

Amanda Micallef
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