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Andria Alex

Owner, Bongo Ron’s Cigar & Lounge

Andria manages the business office and is the Creative Director & Marketing specialist for Bongo Ron’s. She oversees all marketing, advertising, events, and social platforms. She has a passion for interior design and is the creator of Bongo Ron’s design concept, which is inclusive and comfortable for both men and women.  Together with Co-Owner and husband Ronald Bolduc Jr, they opened Bongo Ron’s Cigar & Lounge in April 2018. Ron works at Bongo Ron’s as the General & Sales Manager.


Andria began smoking and came to love cigars in 2018 when they were considering opening the cigar shop. 

“When we first opened, I would work the shop all by myself during the day.  My husband had a full-time job somewhere else and he would come in and work nights. During those early days, I taught myself about all the cigars and tried to smoke as many different kinds as I could.  I eventually acquired a great working knowledge of as many different types and brands as I could. It’s an amazing culture that I’m so proud to be part of!”


Bongo Ron’s has grown into a social gathering place and host many cigar social events, classes, and workshops, including a popular “Ladies Night”.  It’s now a premier hot spot on the Connecticut shoreline for aficionadas & aficionados!

Andria Alex
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