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Karen Berger

Don Kiki & Karen Berger Cigars owner

Karen Berger is originally from Estelí, Nicaragua, a country that is one of the most important cigar growing and manufacturing regions in the world. When she was very young, she began to learn all facets of the premium cigar industry, from growing, fermenting and selecting to rolling the cigar.

Karen developed her passion and knowledge about cigars from her late husband, Don KiKi Berger. He was a legendary figure in the cigar industry and for over 20 years, we created a family and built a company. After his passing, Karen took the helm of the family business to continue honoring his legacy, and because of that, she is known in cigar circles as the "Queen of the Cigar."

Today, Karen and her company are growing and promoting their brands (DON KIKI & K BY KARENBERGER CIGARS) around the United States, Europe, Asia and around the world 🌎 They are a boutique Cigar where they work with a vertical process, from the seed (farm) to your hands ( factory @estelicigars)

The passion and love of the blade run through Karen’s veins. The land, the field of her origins. Karen enjoys every moment of this incomparable flavor, with a deep thought in the effort and work that each one of her cigars takes.

Karen is a mother, daughter, sister, and a woman who is very proud to be a part of this beautiful industry.

The love of God, the love of my family, the love of the leaf, Passion and Courage, makes her keep working and fighting to achieve her dreams.

Karen Berger
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