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Lisa Hancock

Behavior Analyst

Lisa began smoking cigars in 2020 shortly after the Covid lockdowns began. She and her husband were looking for a new hobby that they could enjoy together out of the comfort of their own home. Lisa began with infused cigars. In August of 2021, she came across an online cigar bar. She began visiting the online bar nightly, and not only fell in love with the tastes and aromas of non-infused cigars, but also fell in love with the cigar community. After her tasting profile changed and matured, Lisa now enjoys a variety of premier cigars. She looks forward to continuing her growth and knowledge about cigars while on this journey.

Lisa has her Master's Degree in Special Education, with an emphasis in ABA Therapy. She became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in 2021 and started her own ABA company. She enjoys working with children who have learning disabilities. While working as a BCBA, Lisa has had the pleasure of working with clients who suffer from many different disabilities including the loss of different senses. Lisa wants to help cigar smokers who lack different senses to be able to enjoy the entire smoking experience by helping describe how the cigar looks, the aromas it gives off, the different flavor profiles found in each cigar and even the way it feels. She hopes that one day, everyone who wants the whole cigar experience can truly receive it, despite disabilities they may be dealing with.

Lisa Hancock
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