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Patricia Pineda

Co-Founder & CMO Casa Rolando Soto

Patricia Pineda was born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras back in 1995, born to coffee family producers in the northwest side of Honduras the passion for the experiences world was an early taste in Patricia’s world.

Studied her high school at Tegucigalpa capital of Honduras in a Salesian-oriented college. Once her colleague moment arrives she felt a passion for the creative sciences and studied Graphic Design at the Centro Universitario Tecnológico, (CEUTEC) something that complement with a master degree in Design and Art Direction at the Escuela Superior de Diseño de Barcelona, Spain back in 2019.

The formation and skills oriented to the creation and design of new projects placed her in decisive roles such as Strategic and Creative Director in publicity and marketing agencies in Honduras during 2019 to 2021, giving new perspectives into the process and development of the art, advertisement and marketing world in Honduras.

During her professional experience, Patricia had participated in the strategic creation in important segments of Honduras business world, collaborating and designing campaigns in areas such as politics, health, banking and TV private sector, making successful results with her professional skills.

Actually, Patricia stands as a Director and Founder of Valdocco Digital, her own digital communication agency and partner in Casa Rolando Soto, a Honduras boutique brand manufactured at Plasencia Group Honduras.

Her vision and dedication place her as one of the most remarkable women in the cigar industry in Honduras, acting as CMO for Casa Rolando Soto and Founder and Director of her own agency, she keeps creating and adding her professional skills to create products that will change the perspective of tobacco and make a blueprint into a industry that is changing.

Patricia Pineda
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