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Sarah Donvito


Sarah has been a cigar smoker for many years .

But her passion grew day by day and about three years ago when she joined the Terra di Bari Cigar Club, one of the few clubs in Italy that welcomes women.

Last year she became a member of the club's board in the role of Secretary. A role that very few women in Italy have in a Cigar club.

Sarah is also a board member of the Cigarladies Smokers and Drinks Club.

Of course, in addition to physical clubs, there are also virtual communities which Sarah is very active with. Sarah keep a very busy social media lifestyle;

She is the administrator of her club’s Facebook group “Terra di Bari”

She is the administrator of four other big social groups:

Habanos Only

Habanos Reviews Only

Habanos Unicos desde 1492

Cigar People

Sarah is also the moderator of three more big social groups:

CigarLadies & Smokers Drinks Club

La Confrerie du Cigar #1

Lla Confrerie du Cigar #2.

Sarah loves that beautiful social landscape that allows a continuous connection with people from all over the world. She truly believes that the exchange of virtual smokes and opinions on the various cigars is something that increases each of us, and it is certainly a slow and steady work on the part of all women to win their place in this smoky world.

Sarah has always been a firm believer that women’s cohesion can break stereotypes and can make them achieve many beautiful goals.

Sarah received her license to practice law in October '99, with the award of the "Golden Robe".

From '98 to 2005 she was an associate professor in the Jean Monnet permanent course at the Polytechnic of Bari: "Security and health of work: European and national law, sanctions and penal roles".

In 2001, as part of the two-year forensic training courses, she a was speaker on "Criminal law - new discipline of abuse office - Criminal Judge and Public Administration through the metamorphosis of art.323 of Criminale Code".

Sarah professional experience is quite extensive.

2001 - 2006 Sarah worked at the Banca Popolare di Bari in Equity Investments Office and Legal Office, where she reorganised the Complaints Office of which she was responsible for all duties.

2007 - 2012 Sarah was a legal advisor on tenders and contracts for StraDe S.r.l. in Bari.

2011 – present Sarah became the owner of Civetterie S.r.l., a company that operates in the manufacturing and trade sector, in which she was in charge of business planning as well as organization and management.

Sarah Donvito
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