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Silvana Bencomo

Owner of Atrevidas brand

Co-owner of the DON Fernando Boutique Cigars

Silvana Bencomo is a certified Master Cigarsommelierr, a Cigar Roller anda blender. She is the owner of the Atrevidas brand and also co-owner of the DON brand Fernando Boutique Cigars. She is also the creator of La Condesa Confraria. Silvana is an active participant of select groups of smokers and experts around the world and she is well known for her pallette.

​Her history with cigars began about 25 years ago, when she first traveled to Havana, Cuba. That beautiful love story began right there, and remains until today. The blue smoke is an intrinsic part of her life; tobacco is integrated with her own life story.

At this point of her life, Silvana insists that there is no such thing as SILVANA BENCOMO, without tobacco!

Silvana Bencomo
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