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About SOTL Global Movement

During SOTL Greece’s Initiative, a Global MOVEMENT was born;  our movement is inspired by the ISO 26000 standards and aims to unite women in order to specify and implement the principles and the ways that women stand in the cigar world.
SOTL Global Movement’s mission is to introduce women to the cigar world, to inspire and lead them to extraversion, to empower them to raise their voices, to motivate them to create cigar communities, and in collaboration with men, to develop a better environment for aficionadas and aficionados.

                                           SGM Advisory Board                                

The Advisory Board advises, guides, and supports the mission of SOTL GLOBAL MOVEMENT (SGM). It’s main purpose is to advise on the direction and strategy of the SGM, and by generating and giving feedback on certain proposals for development.


The Advisory board is a volunteer group, formed to contribute to the spread of the vision of SGM and assist on implementing the  principles of SOTL Memorandum of Understanding into the cigar industry.

SOTL Global Movement

Stand out from the crowd and be known as a Women Friendly Accredited Cigar Lounge!


Be the difference!!!

Turn your lounge into a more enticing environment for aficionadas and aficionados


  • Align with the SOTL Global Movement Memorandum of Understanding

  • Support women entrepreneurs in the cigar industry

  • Display the two-page certificate at your lounge

SOTL Global Movement Maestro School of Cigar Sommeliers

SOTL Global Movement continues developing a series of excellence partnerships with renowned cigar companies, organizations, and institutions from all over the world. The SGM is announcing a new academic agreement with the Tobacconist University, an agreement that allows the SGM to operate the first ever online Maestro School open to all people globally, providing present and also new aficionadas and aficionados with the gift of knowledge and education while they seek a Cigar Sommelier Certification.


SOTL Global Movement and Belkys Sanchez have devised an exclusive online mentorship haven, called the SOTL Global Movement Cigar Speakeasy with Belkys. This oasis will offer a concealed and serene environment where individuals can come together and indulge in smoking cigars, allowing the plumes of smoke to dissipate their worries temporarily. It is a space that will promote authenticity, welcoming people from all walks of life, regardless of their current emotional state. Hence, individuals can relax and embrace their true selves, irrespective of their dispositions. Every session at the Speakeasy will be unique. Every session will have its own theme and topic.


The SOTL Memorandum of Understanding (SOTL MoU) is the SOTL Global Movement’s call to all stakeholders of the cigar industry to align their actions, operations and strategies with our specific Principles; principles about women’s position in the cigar world.


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The Goal to go Global


Written by Keya McClain

Sisters of the leaf on a movement 

And we are ready for the cigar world improvement

To create a unified position

The true definition of a mission

Women who have love for the cigar

Despite the glances and stares that our retreat is bizarre. 

We realize we are individual shining stars

Each time we smoke we create memories to add to our memoir

Although we are not keeping score

Our intent is to make that pour

Just right

As we sip and smoke and allow our light to shine bright

Internationally on the move

We are in a groove

SOTL Global Round Table 5th Edition

SOTL Global Round Table 5th Edition

We live-streamed from inside the Gurkha Cigars International Headquarters in Tamarac FL.!!! ​ We hosted the members of the SOTL Global Movement Advisory Board and the representatives of SOTL GM Committees who asked our guest questions, about women’s contribution to the Gurkha Cigars International and the cigar industry in general. Our guest, Gurkha Cigars Vice President of Sales Mr. Juan Lopez, started in the cigar business in 1996 with the Caribbean Cigar Company. When the company sold, due to ownership and investor legal issues, he went to Carlos Toraño Cigars for 12 years where he became their National accounts manager. He found great success at Toraño, until the company sold to General Cigars in 2008. After a short stop at Rocky Patel Cigars as National Sales Director, he moved on to Gurkha Cigars where he has been their VP of Sales for the last 12 years. ​ ​Guest - speakers for 5th Global Roundtable were: ​ Dr. Anastasia Psomiadi (Founder SGM, Greece) Lefty Karropoulos (Chief Business Development Officer SGM, USA) Cynthia Fuente (Fuente Companies, USA) Danays Leon (Sperlinga Cigars - IACS, Dominican Republic) Sarah Saunders (WICC, UK) Karen Berger (DonKiki, KbyKarenBerger Cigars, USA) Romy Kashouty (Hiram & Solomon Cigars) Patricia Khalaf (Queen Of Ash, USA) Franka Comparetto (Cigar Sense, Italy) Keya McCain (USA) Silvia Zanovello (President Cigar Ladies & Smoker Drinks, Italy) Jessica Giordano (Bellagio Habanos Lounge President, Argentina) Des Hammond (The Cigar Cabin, UK) Sarah Donvitto (Italy) Takis Karropoulos (Director Special Projects SGM, USA) Paula Jaszkowski (Founder Sinner's Cigar Club, USA) Sarah de Luca (Handmade Cigars, Germany) Stefania Pandrosou (Greece) Kendall Stephens (ZoomCigarClub, Cigar Fanatics) ​ Special Guest: Juan Lopez, VP Sales Gurkha Cigars International
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