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SOTL Global Roundtables

Sisters Of The Leaf Greece Global Round Table Series

“We break the stereotypes. We love cigar world”


Sisters of the Leaf Greece – within the framework of social responsibility and business ethics – opened an international dialogue on a world, free from stereotypes and discrimination, with equal opportunities, emphasis on uniqueness, acceptance of individuality, respect and protection of human rights.


Sisters of the Leaf Greece, launched in 2020 a series of Global Round Tables, both digital and physical, under the title: “We break the stereotypes- We love cigar world”, that we aspire to be hosted by all global communities related to the cigar world. Our goal is to set the frame of a global community that breaks the stereotypes, based on each and everyone’s undisputed right to delight.

The time has finally come for us to discuss, and starting from our common love for cigars, bring out all that bond us to eventually sculpt a better world!

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