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The SOTL Global Movement Network -
Women Friendly Cigar Destinations

Become a women friendly cigar lounge! Be the difference


The story behind it

Α groundbreaking project aimed at transforming the perception of the cigar industry by creating welcoming spaces for women! After 3 years of interviews with women around the globe and hard work in collaboration with industry experts, we've developed a global initiative to showcase inclusive cigar destinations!

Our vision is to create a global network of cigar destinations with welcoming spaces where women and men can immerse themselves in the rich culture of cigar world.


Who is eligible?

Cigar bars, Cigar lounges, Cigar shops or Cigar cafés with a patio or a place where smoking is allowed, Venues, restaurants, bars that cigars are  allowed, Clubs ( golf, yacht club etc), Hotels, resorts, festivals 

How can you qualify

There are 2 ways to be certified as Women Friendly Cigar Destination! 

There is a list of requirements below accompanied by a questionnaire 

The requirements are for your self-assessment and you can use them as a guide for
improving your space according with the local environment and cigar culture. 

a)  By Answering a questionnaire the “Women Reviewers!
This questionnaire will be answered by women reviewers who will visit your
establishment. Your score will not be published but we will inform you about the results.

b)  By being nominated by aficionadas and aficionados. You can be nominated by SOTL Global Movement’s members, your customers, your fans, your visitors, your friends your followers sending email at


Must Have:


  • Align with the SGM Mission

  • Allow Out-Of-Town SGM members to enjoy your members club

  • Display the certificate in the lounge.

  • The owner or the general manager has to be Certified as Cigar Sommelier

  • Inclusive Staff Training: Ensure staff is trained to provide excellent service and treat all customers equally.

  •  Cigar Selection: Stock a diverse range of cigars, including at least 2 women owned cigar brands; 2 from SGM  partners ( Arturo Fuente, BAMF, Don Olivan, Drunk Chicken, Hiram & Solomon, Micallef, NOVA, Karen Berger, Perdomo, Serendipity, West Tampa, Luciano, 708 cigars)

  • Comfortable Seating: Provide comfortable seating arrangements that encourage relaxation and conversation.

  • Clean and Well-Maintained Facilities: Maintain clean restrooms and facilities for the comfort of all customers.

  • Ventilation: Implement effective ventilation systems to keep the air quality pleasant.

  • Respectful Atmosphere: Enforce a strict anti-harassment policy to maintain a respectful atmosphere.

  • Educational Events: Host events or workshops that educate customers about cigars, making them more approachable for beginners.

  • Women-Centric Promotions: Develop ladies events, promotions, or discounts that cater specifically to female customers. 

  • Safety Measures: Ensure the safety of all patrons through proper lighting and security measures.

  •  TV a respectful volume


Nice to Have:


  • Female-Friendly Accessories: Offer cigar accessories, such as cutters and lighters,with designs that may appeal to women.

  • Carrying indicative accessories made by women

  • Female-Staffed Events: Occasionally host events led by knowledgeable female cigar enthusiasts or experts, this helps attract more female customers

  • Cocktail Menu: Create a cocktail menu that complements cigars, including options that may be preferred by women.

  • Decor and Ambiance: Consider decor and ambiance that appeals to a broader audience, including artwork and seating choices. 

  • Community Engagement: Engage with local women's groups or organizations to promote the lounge as an inclusive space.

  • Woman or women as local ambassadors for the shop or for SOTL

  • Light as in festive and fun

  • Music ( not tv sound except of special circumstances)

  • Décor the wall with beautiful art or a few photos of respectful aficionadas ( not just men smoking or models)

  • Event set-up that promotes conversation between people and is inviting to new customers, occasional cigar smokers as well as the lounge regulars.

  • Give the access to the members of SGM from out of town, to enter in the membership or VIP lounge

  • Attend the annual Zoom meeting of SGM

By using of the SOTL Global Movement Certificate you are a part of Change!


Premier listing as a Certified Women Friendly Cigar Destination on multiple
interactive Global maps


Premier listing on the SOTL Global Movement Website with link to your site


Priority for being presented on digital cigar magazines


Priority for SOTL Global Movement events at your lounge


Priority to join a SOTL Global Movement Committee and be a guest speaker at our
annual conference


Facebook and other social media shoutouts


Opportunity to Build exceptional reputation


Increased visibility


Positive recognition


Validation of knowledge


Enhanced credibility amongst aficionadas and aficionados


Competitive advantage


What is the role of a SOTL Global Movement Reviewer

To become a reviewer you have to be a woman cigar aficionada or a woman who enjoys cigars occasionally.

The role as a reviewer is crucial in shaping the perception of the cigar industry, making it more inclusive and accessible.
As a reviewer, your mission is to visit establishments, experiencing everything they have to offer, from cigar appreciation to the art and science of cigars based on specific requirements and to answer the questionnaire

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