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1. General

The provider believes it’s important to protect the personal rights of the users of products. This data protection declaration explains to the user, the provider’s practice in handling personal data and the measures taken to achieve compliance with data protection legislation.

Websites of other partners that can be reached via our website are not subject to the data protection regulations set out here. The provider assumes no responsibility or liability for the observance of data protection by third party websites.


2. Intended Use of Personal Data

The provider collects personal data in order to enable the user to access the products and to process the relationship entered into. As a basis for access to online products, services or memberships, data on the user’s usage behavior is also collected. This personal data is used for marketing purposes, for improving the products, for customer care, for evaluating individual user behavior, for checking access authorization or for personalized advertising and for designing these in line with requirements (e.g. pop-ups).

The online transmission of personal data between the browser of the user and the servers of the provider is encrypted using HTTPS protocol. In order to enable the functionality of this encryption technology, the user is obliged to use the current versions of the most common browsers.


3. Anonymous Tracking Information (Cookies)

3.1 Collection of anonymous tracking information

When the website is visited, the provider and third parties collect, store and use general, non-personal data from both registered and non-registered users. For this purpose, so-called “cookies” are used. These are text files which are stored on the user’s system and which enable an analysis of the use of the products. This technology makes it possible to recognize individual users as visitors and to offer them individualized services and products. Users of the provider’s website can prevent cookies from being stored by selecting “Do not accept cookies” in their browser settings. This can, however, impede the functionality of the products and make it difficult to optimize online services for users. Furthermore, users can prevent the collection of data generated by the cookies and related to the use of the website (including your IP address) to Google and the processing of this data by Google by downloading and installing any browser plug-in available.

The provider uses Google Analytics for statistical purposes and for the optimization of the websites. When using Google Analytics, no personal data is collected. Further information about Google Analytics can be found at

3.2 Plug-ins and other Integrations of Offers from Third Parties

The provider’s digital offerings are networked with third-party functions and systems in a variety of ways, for example, by integrating plug-ins of third-party social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, in particular. Further information on this and details of the data processing taking place in connection with these and other plug-ins used can be found at: PlugIn;, PlugIn

If the user has a user account with these third parties, it may also be possible for these third parties to measure and evaluate the use of the provider’s digital services. In doing so, further personal data such as IP address, personal browser settings and other parameters may be transmitted to these third parties and stored there. When using a social media login service such as Facebook Connect, for example, the third party can transmit personal data to the provider, such as name, email address and profile picture, which are stored with the third party about the user. The provider has no control over the use of personal data collected in this way by third parties and assumes no responsibility or liability. The provider refers to the detailed further information linked above.

3.3 Newsletter

For the sending of newsletters, the provider uses the newsletter and analysis services of the dispatch service provider By WIX. WIX offers extensive analysis options on how the newsletter is opened and used. These analyses are not used by WIX to individually evaluate newsletter recipients. It is possible to unsubscribe at any time and can be done either by sending a message to the contact option described below or via a link provided for this purpose in the newsletters.

Statistical survey and analyses: The newsletters contain a so-called “web beacon,” i.e. a pixel-sized file that is retrieved from the server of the dispatch service provider when the newsletter is opened. Within the scope of this retrieval, technical information such as information on the browser and your system as well as your IP address and time of retrieval are initially collected. This information is used for the technical improvement of the services based on the technical data or the target groups and their reading behavior based on their retrieval locations (which can be determined by means of the IP address) or the access times. Statistical surveys also include determining whether newsletters are opened, when they are opened, and which links are clicked.

For technical reasons, this information can be assigned to individual newsletter recipients. However, it is not the provider’s intention to observe individual users. Rather, the provider’s evaluations serve to identify the reading habits of the users and to adapt the content to them or to send different content according to the interests of the users.

3.4 Intended use of anonymous tracking information

The provider collects the anonymous tracking information to analyze the surfing behavior of users and to measure the range of coverage. The range measurement can determine how many target persons of an advertiser can be reached. The information collected in this way is used by the provider for marketing purposes, to improve the products and the websites, to evaluate user behavior, to deliver advertising formats tailored to the target group and to design them to meet the needs of the users (e.g. by means of pop-ups). Personal data is not collected in this process.

4. Transfer of personal data to third parties

The provider does not pass on personal data to third parties, unless this is required by law or ordered by a court decision. Excluded from this is the transfer to third parties

(a) for the legal protection of users;

b) to meet legal requirements;

c) to defend and protect the rights of the provider;

d) to comply with the terms of use or the data protection regulations;

e) to remedy technical difficulties of the products;

f) to cooperate with service partners who require the transmission of data for the processing of orders, production, logistics, and shipping. In these cases, the transmission of data is limited to the minimum necessary for the fulfilment of the order. In particular in connection with the execution of the contract for paid products, credit card data is forwarded to the appropriate credit card organization;

g) for cooperation with service partners of the provider, who support the provider, especially in the marketing, production and logistics areas.

5. Consent

The user of the products consents to the collection, storage and use of personal data and anonymous tracking information to the extent.

By agreeing to this privacy policy, the user expressly authorizes the provider to use the personal data collected for marketing purposes. This includes contact by telephone, fax, post, SMS and/or e-mail for advertising purposes (to the extent permitted by law). The aim of the provider is to inform the user in this way about its own products and/or to reactivate former customers/users within the framework of existing or previously existing relationships (members- subscribers).

6. Right of Information, Amendment, Revocation, Deletion and Blocking

Users have the right to request information free of charge from the provider about the data stored about them or to withdraw their consent to the processing or storage of their personal data at any time. In the event of a revocation on the part of the user, personalized use of free and/or chargeable products may no longer be possible. The provider undertakes to delete the personal data of a user within 30 days after receipt of a corresponding request for deletion.

For questions or suggestions about the data protection used by the provider, for information requests regarding stored personal data or for change, revocation or deletion requests, the user can contact us at

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