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SOTL Global Movement
Maestro School of Cigar Sommelier Tobacconist

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Cigar Sommelier  Tobacconist

SOTL Global Movement continues developing a series of excellence partnerships with renowned cigar companies, organizations, and institutions from all over the world.


The SGM owns and operates the only Maestro Cigar Sommelier school, powered by a new academic agreement with the Tobacconist University.

The SGM Maestro School of Cigar Sommeliers is open to the public globally, providing present and also new aficionadas and aficionados with the gift of knowledge and education while they seek a Cigar Sommelier Certification

MAESTRO : a great or distinguished figure (noun); a teacher (Spanish noun).

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Certified Cigar Sommelier Tobacconist, CCST

Cost: $240

Click on the links below for a CCST course demo


Do you know everything there is about cigars & tobacco?


How do you create an amazing pairing with a cigar?

How can you understand cigar anatomy?

Are cigars a natural and artisanal product?

Can you pair cigars with food?

Does the right pairing make everything taste better?

Is aging important?

Wine, coffee or beer?

Price or quality?

How many species of tobacco?

Cognac, rum or bourbon?

How many interesting facts would you be able to discuss during a conversation?

How many pairs of hands touch your cigars before they make it in your humidor?

What is a Culebra?

The CCST Academic Curriculum is comprised of the Retail School, Cigar Fundamentals, and Pairing School. This curriculum is specially enhanced to focus on product knowledge/appreciation, upselling, retail best-practices, and customer service - without over burdening your employees with excessive or unnecessary information. Preparation and studying for the final exam is the equivalent of reading a seventy-five page booklet: it can be accomplished in a few hours. The Final Exam is 50 multiple choice questions and requires a 90% to pass.

CCST Certification

Apply to get certified

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Visit the TU online campus

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The cornerstone of the academic curriculum

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The biggest platform for the hospitality industry

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The most practical and objective part of the  Academic Curriculum

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The ultimate educational foundation for understanding, refining, communicating, and discovering your personal taste 

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