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Memorandum Of Understanding


SOTL Global Movement Memorandum of Understanding

The SOTL Global Movement Memorandum of Understanding (SOTL MoU) is the SOTL Global Movement’s call to all stakeholders of the cigar industry to align their actions, operations and strategies with our specific Principles; principles about women’s position in the cigar world.

SECTION: Private Enterprise Principles

  1. Defining the future of women in the Cigar World.

  2. Supporting women’s  entrepreneurship

  3. Setting the frame of the commonly agreed fundamental principles into practice

  4. Eradicating all possibilities of discrimination and harassment

  5. Providing clean and healthy environment

The SOTL Global Movement MoU describes the fundamental principles that were designed based on personal experiences of cigar aficionadas, along with their theses, views, and ideas, as they were expressed during the SOTL Global Round Tables, multiple open dialogues and stakeholder meetings.


The SOTL Global Movement invites every stakeholder of the cigar industry to sign the SOTL MoU and contribute to an environment where women and men can both equally enjoy their choices, in a world free from stereotypes with emphasis on uniqueness, acceptance of individuality and respect.

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