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Christos Mourgelas

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A little about Christos

Christos has always been a self-motivated, hard- working Physical therapist with outstanding people skills, easily adaptability and ability to work effectively with people of all levels. Through his career, he has been a collaborative minded professional, energetic, and ambitious with positive attitude. He has experience in multiple fields of Physiotherapy especially in neurological and orthopedic rehabilitation, physiotherapy, and sports rehabilitation. He has worked for some very well-known Greek sports teams such as the academies of Olympiacos Piraeus and the AEK women’s volleyball team.


He currently holds a BSc in Physiotherapy from the University of Hertfordshire, and he has also graduated from the University of Thessaly’s Department of Physical education and Sports Science with a specialization on Outdoor Activities.


Christos has always understood why cigars make life better, and where and how to enjoy them. Delicious cigars have become a common hobby that he pursues every day of his life; a hobby that encourages leisure as well as comfort in all the different environments of his life. He has that special lifelong romance with the leaf, a romance that should be shared by most aficionados and aficionadas. He has been a member of SOTL Greece since the beginning; he attends all cigar events where his knowledge on cigar pairings is always utilized.

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