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Des Hammond

CEO - Owner HD Redcruitment

Founder The Cigar Cabin

Let's Get

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A little about Des

Des is a natural born Englishman and lives in Redditch UK. He started smoking cigars in 2013 while on vacation in Ibiza. It was a beautiful evening and he was offered a Cohiba; this is what changed his life. Since then he has developed a great love for cigars. When he gets to relax and smoke a cigar, he feels like he is tsasting the history of generations. a cigar to him is like a motion picture with the most interesting script.

In 2020, he decided to start his own cigar reviews channel called The Cigar Cabin. he wanted to record and share his passion with the world. Reaching out to people with his experiences has become such a great part of his life; there is so much to enjoying a cigar, and often he feels it deep in his heart.

On his free time, he likes to share moments with the best gift he could have ever asked for, his 3 1/2 year old son Teddy, who is everything to him. As for "me" time...stress is always relieved on ther golf course while enjoying a cigar with friends, along with a glass of smooth amber whiskey.
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