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Detra Thomas

Motivational Speaker - Actress - Singer

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A Bit About Detra

Detra’s journey into the cigar community started during the height of COVID. With many businesses moving out to the city’s sidewalks, she began to interact with the patrons of her local cigar lounge during daily life around the neighborhood. During a visit from one of her sons in the fall of 2020 she smoked her first cigar at the Harlem Cigar Room and soon became adopted into the local cigar family. The love and community of the cigar family, which has quickly grown over the last two years, has captivated her as much as the enjoyment of the cigars themselves. Since the release of her story on Humans of New York, the cigar has became even more of a symbol of hope and resilience for her. An anthem that she hopes to share with the rest of the world with the launch of her own cigar lines

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