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7th SOTL Global Roundtable

7th SOTL Global Movement Round Table in Puerto Rico CIgar Festival

"We break the stereotypes. We love cigar world"
December 3rd 2022

7th SOTL Global Roundtable

7th SOTL Global Movement Round Table

Puerto Rico Cigar Festival JOINED the SOTL Global Movement
“We love cigar world. We break the stereotypes.”

In a world where women give and get advice, now they celebrate each other’s wins.
In this Cigar world, women have the power to build something that’s greater than
the sum of its parts. It’s like the idea of a rising tide: THEY MAKE EACH OTHER

The 7th SOTL Global Round Table had it's closing of 2022 during the 3 day weekend
Puerto Rico Cigar Festival 2nd Edition in Wyndham Palmas Beach and Golf Resort.
The guests were women entrepreneurs & Certified Cigar Rollers, who align with the
mission of the SOTL Global Movement and believe in women’s empowerment.

Cynthia González Social Media Director of SGM and Founder of Puerto Rico Cigar
Festival moderated the Meeting with the following guests;

Madeline Peterson, Cigars Royal, Genevieve Harris, Ambassador of Select Draw,
Belkys Sánchez, Regional Director The Fuente OpusX Society, Robin Blue, Owner Blue
Smoke ATL, Liz López, Co-Owner La Hoja del Chan & Galiz Cigars, Claudia Besson
Blanchet Owner Glam Smoke, Sandra I. Matos Rodríguez Co-owner LinSan Cigars.

Dr. Anastasia Psomiadi, Danays León Sánchez ( Sperlinga Tasting Tours & Events),
Temi Kinnard-Bing ( The Cigar Empress) & Lefty Karropoulos from SOTL Global
Movement joined the event digitally

Guests presented themselves and discussed the contribution of Women in the
Tobacco industry in Latin America and how they have helped the progress of the
History of Tobacco in Puerto Rico.

Stay Tuned for new season of SOTL Global Movement Round Table 2023 and more
initiatives as SGM Maestro School of Certified Cigar Sommelier Tobacconists and
Women friendly Cigar Lounge Certification and much more!!

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