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Katja Gnann

Cigar Journal Editor-in-Chief

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A Bit About Katja

Katja had never smoked or had any relation to cigars - until she started working at a publishing house, which at that time also published the Cigar Journal (today the Cigar Journal is a separate publishing house). From the first day of work, she was surrounded by the pleasant smell of cigars, which immediately brought her back emotionally to her childhood, because her grandfather was a passionate cigar smoker. After some time, the founder of the Journal offered her the first cigar - a Partagás Presidentes - and this cigar challenged her so very much, as a beginner. It was then that she wanted to experience a cigar that was a little "milder";  today she loves the tobacco experience from all cigar countries, brands and vitolas. She prefers to stand herself in the field or in the cigar factory and report - or pack with and then smoke cigars with the people there. In general, she loves that you meet all kinds of people through the blue smoke, and often have very intense conversations because you have to come to rest. The cigar demands that of us and that is one of the many great aspects that the cigar gives us.

Business Experience

Katja learned her journalistic skills from scratch at a regional daily newspaper, for which she wrote articles for many years. Through working for the magazine Der Spiegel in Rome she had the opportunity to increase her professional knowledge in the field of media. For her studies and for work, she spent many years in Italy. Italy became the country that taught her all things related to pleasure and lifestyle.


Katja has been working for Cigar Journal since 2004. In 2010 she became editor-in-chief. In 2019, she did an internship at a cigar factory in the Dominican Republic because she wanted to experience every single step of the cigar making process herself. It was an extraordinary life experience that will remail.

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