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Lefty Karropoulos

Chief Business Development Officer SOTL Global Movement

Chief Operating Officer D.P. , Inc.

Founder R&H Experts Group

Certified Cigar Sommelier & Tobacconist, CCST

Certified Judge CSWC - World Championship Cigar Smoking

Let's Get

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A little about Lefty

Lefty is a leading Operations expert that has always been in charge of guiding workflow strategies and organization of all essential business processes. Since 2004, he was the VP of Operations for a multi-unit and multi-state restaurant company based out of Phoenix, AZ.  Using his understanding of staff management, industry specifics and business strategies, he was able to develop procedures and business plans needed to enhance the company’s growth. It was there that he created his first UFOC (Unified Franchise Offering Circular), expanding his experience in franchising and business development on a national level. The company grew to 14 different states under his supervision.


In 2012 he accepted a position as the COO for a food distribution company and moved to Chicago where he still resides to this day. In this company, he is also responsible for establishing and executing the organization's Business Development strategy, which includes identifying target customers, establishing pricing, managing execution of sales strategy and refining the company’s earned revenue model.

Lefty always enjoyed getting involved in different projects so in 2008 he became the Founder of a LinkedIn group called Restaurant & Hospitality Experts which now has more than 34,000 members globally, and growing. He uses this platform as a means of digitally socializing with other executives and expanding his circle of business acquaintances. 

Lefty smoked his first cigar 20 years ago in Paradise Valley AZ. The journey that begun with this particular cigar has been infinately amazing with many great and memorable times. Lefty truly believes that smoking a cigar is the best "me" time that anyone can ever experience. On his free time, he loves to enjoy a cigar, paired with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Lefty is a Certified Cigar Sommelier and Tobacconist CCST, and a Certified Judge for CSWC - World Championship Cigar Smoking. He is also member of Cigar Rights of America.


Together we can achieve more... #causewecan (hashtag courtesy of Juan Lopez)

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