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Lefty Karropoulos

Chief Business Development Officer SOTL Global Movement

Chief Operating Officer D.P. , Inc.

Founder R&H Experts Group

Certified Cigar Sommelier & Tobacconist, CCST

Certified Judge CSWC - World Championship Cigar Smoking

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A little about Lefty

Lefty is a highly regarded Operations expert who has been responsible for directing workflow strategies and organizing vital business processes throughout his career. He served as the Vice President of Operations for a multi-unit and multi-state restaurant corporation headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, from 2004 until 2012. He drew on his knowledge of personnel management, industry specifics, and business strategies to create procedures and business plans that propelled the company's growth. During his tenure, he developed the company's first Unified Franchise Offering Circular (UFOC), which expanded his experience in franchising and business development on a national level, resulting in the company's expansion to 14 different states under his purview.

In 2012, Lefty relocated to Chicago to take up the mantle of Chief Operating Officer (COO) for a food distribution company, where he is responsible for establishing and executing the organization's Business Development strategy. His duties include identifying target customers, establishing pricing, managing execution of sales strategy, and refining the company's earned revenue model. His exemplary leadership has been instrumental in driving the company's growth, and he continues to be an invaluable asset to the organization.

Lefty's insatiable thirst for knowledge and his passion for excellence prompted him to establish the Restaurant & Hospitality Experts LinkedIn group in 2008. The group has since grown to include over 38,000 members globally, and it serves as a platform for Lefty to digitally socialize with other executives and expand his circle of business acquaintances. Through this group, Lefty has been able to engage with industry experts, stay updated on the latest trends, and share his insights with other professionals in the field.

Lefty is an avid cigar enthusiast who has a deep passion and appreciation for cigars. He has a vast collection of cigars from different countries and regions, and he often seek out rare or exotic cigars to add to his collection.In his leisure time, Lefty indulges his love for cigars, a passion that he has nurtured for the past two decades. He truly enjoys discussing and sharing his love of cigars with other enthusiasts, attending cigar events, and reading up on the latest cigar news and trends.


Lefty believes that smoking a cigar is the best way to enjoy "me" time, and he relishes every moment of the experience. As a Certified Cigar Sommelier and Tobacconist CCST and a Certified Judge for CSWC - World Championship Cigar Smoking, Lefty is an authority in the cigar industry.


He is also a member of Cigar Rights of America, where he advocates for cigar smokers' rights and lobbies against unfair tobacco regulations.


Together we can achieve more... #causewecan (hashtag courtesy of Juan Lopez)

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