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Patricia Khalaf

CEO Queen Of Ash

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A Bit About Patricia

Patricia was born and raised in Lebanon, and became an American citizen 20 years ago. and a single mother to twin girls that are almost 16.

She has been around and in the cigar industry for the past 10 years. She originally started smoking cigars for business socializing purposes but quickly fell in love with them and cigar smoking became her passion and one of the few things that makes her happy. She quickly pushed herself to learn more about cigars and got more knowledgeable day by day.  The cigar industry has now become a rewarding career that she enjoys with infinite love and passion.


Patricia used to manage a mutli-unit company out of Columbus, Ohio called HOUSE OF CIGAR for the past 8 years. She recently decided to do the job that she love with so much passion for herself. Now she is the owner of QUEEN OF ASH ONLINE STORE and working on another very promising and exciting project.  

Patricia doesn’t have a favorite cigar and is always willing to try all different kinds and brands, from major to boutique.

Patricia likes to pair her cigars based according to her mood, and even the time of day. In the morning or mid-day, she enjoys a mild or mild medium bodied with a good medium roasted coffee. In the late afternoon or evening she prefers her cigars full bodied with bourbons and she is in love with Single Malts and Rye Reserves. On occasion, she pairs her cigars with wine, preferably with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.

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