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Susie Mooney

Founder - CEO Lit Torch

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A Bit About Susie

Her introduction to the leaf “therapy” came in 2005, during her deployment tour in Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. It was a celebratory moment and experience as she was at the end of her deployment. She and a group of military comrades celebrated their upcoming return to the U.S. by smoking a cigar. Since then, she has increased her knowledge and love of the leaf.


In trying to manage PTSD from the war, the leaf has been therapeutic.


In 2019, she  wanted to solve the problem of finding lounges to smoke while traveling. The Lit Torch™ app,, was created specifically for everything cigar. In February 2020, she joined the AJ Fernandez Cigar Tour by Cigar Educated, LLC to enhance her knowledge of the leaf, the manufacturing process and build long lasting business relationships in the industry. Her desire to enlighten the cigar smoker increased exponentially which led her to develop more functionalities for the app. Her technology introduction to the Cigar Culture and Industry with the Lit Torch™ app is in its own lane.

Business Experience

Susie is an entrepreneur and an Army War Veteran. Her military career is the foundation of her business acumen. Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage is what defines her in hr personal life and her professional life as well. Susie founded a government consulting firm, Valor Centric Solutions in December 2017 which currently provides government support services for a Department of Defense client. She also founded the first minority woman owned digital application, named Lit Torch™ in April 2019. Susie created a multifunctional social application (app) for cigar smokers that provides a lounge locator internationally, updates and push notifications, cigar related events, brand and event marketing and a dating app space releasing in Dec 2021. Susie is a huge advocate for supporting our troops and veterans and an event coordinator or Cigar For Warriors.

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