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Takis Karropoulos

Director of Special Projects SOTL Global Movement


VP Operations D. Produce, Inc.

Co-Founder R&H Experts Group

Certified Judge CSWC - World Championship Cigar Smoking

Let's Get

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A little about Takis

Takis is an operations specialist who is responsible for the management of workflow throughout all departments within his business. His goal is to optimize daily activities and performance of the business across the board. He has been involved with operations since 2004, with an emphasis in the entertainment industry. Before his move to Chicago in 2016, Takis was the VP of Operations for a national entertainment chain with concert venues all over the continental US.

Takis smoked his first cigar in 2003 at a corporate event in Tinton Falls NJ. He was always well balanced and coming from traditional roots; trying a cigar that night changed his whole life. He fell in love with the blue smoke and never looked back. He created this ritual, that every place he travelled, he would visit as many cigar lounges as possible.While with B-Town Entertainment, he visited 100s of cigar lounges, expanding his palette and trying cigars from every region.

Takis is
a Certified Judge for CSWC - World Championship Cigar Smoking and the co-founder of R&H Experts, a group with over 38,000 members which he uses it to socialize digitally with people from all over the world.

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