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Andrea Xenofontos

Retail Sales Manager at La Casa del Habano Pafos

Andrea is a Retail sales manager at La Casa del Habano at the island of Pafos . La Casa del Habano is a wonderful store selling Cuban cigars which is visited daily customers from all over the world who love cigars .

​She started working as a store manager at La casa del Habano Pafos in 2014 without having any cigar knowledge; with the help of her colleagues and having great interest for this beautiful world of cigars, she has already had 7 amazing years there.

Andrea believes that cigars are a passion; everyday you learn new things from all the wonderful people you meet, while sharing each other's experiences and knowledge. Andrea is greatful for Phoenicia Fereos Cyprus who offered her so much and who taught her to love cigars . "Every cigar has its own story and every person who smokes it enjoys every puff and tell us its own story and experience".

Andrea Xenofontos
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