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Ash Ott


It was only a few years ago when Ash fell in love with cigars. She had smoked a few before when her dad owned a cigar lounge. It wasn't until she started working at the second lounge her dad opened that she got to know the art of cigars.

She began trying different cigars, different cuts, different lights. She also kept discussing with her customers about what cigars they like and how they like to cut them. Al these moments and meeting so many people in the cigar community is what really drew her closer to cigars. She was so eager to learn everything about the blue smoke, so got her certification as a Cigar Sommelier & Tobacconist from Tobacconist University.

A cigar is a work of art in the way that it is made as well as how it can connect people all around the world. Ash wants to bring this community together, equally, by sharing their stories with a cigar in hand so we can all learn how similar we truly

are. She have learned so much from the very beginning and she is still experiencing an amazing journey.

Ash Ott
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