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Ayokie Milian

Founder: Smokin Haute Association, Founder: SDA Firearms

Ayokie is an avid Cigar Aficionada. She started her blue smoke journey 8 years ago. She manages several social media cigar platforms including:

Ayokie is the Founder of "Smokin Haute Cigar Society with 2000 members on Facebook and IG

National President of Texas Cigar Aficionados.

The largest Multicultural Cigar organization in the State of Texas

National president of "We Are One" a Global Cigar organization that includes a conglomerate of cigar lounges, cigar stores, cigar groups, cigar brands, cigar aficionados and cigar manufacturers worldwide.

Ayokie is also the Co-founder of a musical jazzFacebookk group with over 22,000 musicenthusiastst.

Ayokie has a Masters's degree in Business Administration. She is professionally involved in the Healthcare industry and she manages 20 non-clinical healthcare employees. Her career is very rewarding because she works at a Children's Hospital and is responsible for making sure that all Medical Doctors, Nurses, and Healthcare staff are qualified skilled workers. Her job is instrumental in helping ensure that a seriously ill or injured child has the opportunity of having a future. Ayokie has a sense of pride every day when she goes to work, knowing that she is making a real difference in the lives of children and their familes in the most difficult times of their lives.

Ayokie Milian
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