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Berta Bravo 

Business Administration - Entepreneur

Former CEO The Guayabera Lady

Berta is widely considered a true Ambassador for the cigar industry. She not only loves and enjoys a good cigar; she has that special infinite love and respect for the industry; the blue smoke is her greatest joy, besides her family.

She was introduced to the cigar industry by her son, Joey, in 2008. It was on that day that she felt the kind of romance that only a cigar can offer. On that day she understood that in every cigar she lights, there is a love story. A unique love story that creates beautiful memories.

Berta always thinks of the humble beginnings of the family whose cigar she is smoking. She thinks of the impactful influence her and all women aficionadas have had and continue to have in the industry.

Berta's favorite advice for everyone is to "Always remember, the BEST is yet to come"!

Besitos, Blessings & Smokealicious Ashes!

Berta has been in business all her life. Since she was a child, she worked along with ther parents who had clothing and textile stores in Cuba.

In 1966, when the Freedom Flights began, her family decided to immigrate to the US. They were given eight dimes for phone calls and that was the start of their new life in the United States. She remembers receiving powder milk, spam and boxed cheese; her parents never took anything else from this beautful country since they only decided to work as hard as possible. Berta is forever grateful for the US opening the doors of freedom to her family and so many others.

It was in 1977 that they opened their first business, a peddler business, selling door to door during the week, and at the Flea Market on the weekends! Hard work helped them open their first store in 1979.

Fast forward to 1998 when her parents retired, she decided to take a 5 year sabbatical and help raise her first granddaughter. Such love she felt for her grandaughter the she only wanted to create memories.

When her father went to heaven in 2003, she decided to start The Guayabera Lady, a familiar outpost for high-end, Cuban-inspired wear for all ages, in lightweight fabrics & styles. She had great success for17 years until she decided to follow a different direction in her life. The love, respect and infinate passion she felt for the cigar industry since 2008, was now going to be the reason she goes to work every day. She closed The Guayabera Lady and started getting involved in the cigar industry which had become a life long dream.

Berta is now working on several projects and she promises that "The best is yet to come❤"

Berta Bravo 
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