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Cynthia Fuente

Vice President Fuente Companies

Cynthia is a pioneer in the cigar community and the daughter of Carlos Senior and Carlito’s sister. She lives in Tampa and serves as vice president of The Fuente Companies. Cynthia is nicknamed ‘The First Lady of Cigars.’ Cynthia is heavily involved with the company’s charities. “It’s important to give back,” she says.

Cynthia Fuente studied business and psychology at Tampa’s University of South Florida and explored other careers before deciding to move into the family business. There’s nowhere she’d rather be, pursuing her love of cigars.

“Our family has always taken great pride in the quest for true originality in everything we do. That’s why no one can ever honestly imitate our passion for perfection.”

Cynthia was born in the cigar industry and has been working in the family business as far back as she can remember.

Nicknamed “The First Lady of Cigars”, she is the Psident of US. operations for Arturo Fuente Tobacco Company

Cynthia Fuente Suarez is constantly asked what it is like to be a woman in the "cigar world” and how it feels to be a female pioneer in the tobacco industry. For Fuente, these are confounding questions. A woman in the cigar industry is special? She is a pioneer? Yes indeed she is!

Cynthia Fuente
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