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Franca Comparetto

Founder Cigar Sense

Franca is thrilled to be able to dedicate her work to those fine cigar lovers who, like her, are always searching new cigars to try. Not just any cigars, but those that will delight our palate.

A lengthy trial and error, like the one she went through when she moved from Italy to the US in 2013, can be extremely frustrating. Premium cigars are not cheap and the time we want to set aside for them is very precious.

Franca believes, and Cigar Sense data confirms this, that cigar lovers need to be understood in the details of what they like and dislike. Their individual tastes are extremely important for them to fully enjoy cigars in their precious time. This is why she wants to offer innovative tools and independent information to empower fine cigar lovers to make educated purchases, through a journey that leads us to talk more and better about what we like in a cigar.

Franca loves to think of Cigar Sense as the place where I can tell you “I believe you will like this cigar, try it and tell me what you think, so next time I can suggest an even better cigar for you”. In fact, your feedback when using the Cigar Sense service is critical for her to be spot on and recommend the best cigars for you.

If you want to get to know her thoughts better, you can listen to the Cigar Sense Podcast.

Franca Comparetto
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