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Janine Perdomo

COO at Nick’s Cigar Company DBA Perdomo Cigars

As Chief Operating Officer, Janine Perdomo wears many hats. Janine focuses on all aspects of the business. She predominantly focuses on the internal operations side – financial management, account management, inventory management (they have a bonded warehouse), FDA compliance, social media, as well as many other tasks. She looks forward to the visits to their factory in Nicaragua and loves to be engaged in all aspects. From farming to production to finished product, Janine loves the business and the pain staking details that it takes to make their Perdomo cigars and has been doing so for over 25 years. She also travels with Nick to visit retailers around the world, spreading the love of Perdomo Cigars. Together with her husband, Nick Perdomo, Jr., President and CEO, he and Janine are truly perfect partners in the cigar industry and in life.

Janine was born in New Jersey to parents of Italian and Irish decent. The family moved to Fort Lauderdale when she was three years old where she attended school and enjoyed everything there is to enjoy in South Florida. Janine and Nick met when she was 18 years old. They married when she turned 19 years of age and as a newlywed, she moved to Miami to begin their lives together. Janine spoke no Spanish when they first met, but what paved the road ahead was a true adventure. She immersed herself into the Cuban culture and Spanish quickly became her second language. They started their business together in 1992 out of their garage. Janine began by managing the books, invoicing, and packing orders while Nick was the creator of the brands, salesman, and blender, all while he worked as an Air Traffic Controller at Miami Center. They both wore whatever hat they needed to propel the company forward. And almost 30 years later, they have grown their business into one of the largest cigar manufacturing companies in the world. Nick and Janine have two children, Nicholas III and Natalie. Their family now includes a daughter-in-law and son-in-law – Lauren and Andrew. Janine and Nick are expecting their first grandchild, Stella next month. As business keeps growing so does their family. For Janine and Nick, their family is first in all they do. Their definition of success is their family and their greatest accomplishment of all.

Overheard Saying:

“The harder you work, the luckier you will get. Never get discouraged by others trying to dissuade you from your dreams or abilities. Stay focused on your goals and strengths and keep your eyes fixed there. Dreams do come true, I am living proof." says Janine.

Janine Perdomo
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