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Keya McClain

Author, Poet, Speaker, Podcast Host

Keya remembers the evening she had her first inhale. Yes, we heardit right. Inhale. She pretended that she knew what she was doing after an impromptu invite from a friend to join her and the new guy and friends. Ironically, the location was a cigar lounge that she had never been to or even had a desire to enter. Out of embarrassment and sheer nervousness she walked into the humidor and selected a cigar. Not just any cigar either. She picked up a Maduro and...inhaled. The cough and head rush she got was overwhelming. By the time she opened her eyes, one of the gentlemen took her hand and walked her away. He asked if she had ever smoked before and Keya said no. He chose to be gentle, kind and educated her with the little time we had. They went into the humidor to retrieve a very mild Connecticut and that was 20 years ago.

Keya stopped smoking for about 4 or 5 years while married and picked it back up as she began my healing journey from her divorce. Cigars have carried her through grief, joy, collaborations, conclusions and mostly through a long day or start to a day. Her journey has been educational, beneficial and meaningful. The love for the leaf allowed her to combine her joy for writing and her peace with the puff.

Poet, author, speaker, self-publishing coach and podcast host Keya S. McClain is the author of Cigar Chronicles I & II. She took her love for poetry, cigars and her journey of healing and wellness and shares it in written form. She has published 7 books total and aspires to empower, inspire and motivate others through her poetry and storytelling. As she reveals her personal experiences and journey of healing through smoking a cigar her desire is to connect with other brothers and sisters of the leaf through her words. She enjoys both presenting her work on a stage or platform as well as sell her books for others to enjoy.

Keya McClain
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