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Nikki Glenn


Nikki first became a smoker over 20 years ago -- she tried flavored cigarillos offered by a band member and loved them. From there she explored flavored cigars and her tastes began to evolve, from cognac- and rum-dipped wrappers to ACID infused cigars, to "regular" cigars. She was fortunate to discover Cigar Sense, an online tasting program which helped her to further refine her tastes and find even more cigars to enjoy. Accdording to Nikki, cigar smoking is a restorative, relaxing, and rewarding activity -- to enjoy the company of friends (and make new ones) over a stick is something she never gets tired of experiencing.

Nikki Glenn is a violinist and vocalist with a repertoire of jazz instrumentals and smooth easy listening vocals. She is classically trained, the recipient of scholarships from the Cleveland Institute of Music and the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, and was one of two American violinists selected to perform in the inaugural season of the Operafestival di Roma in Rome, Italy. While training for a career as an orchestral violinist, Nikki discovered a love for jazz, rock, and R&B. She became an entertainer for special events, performing for corporations such as Anheuser Busch and the American Heart Association. She has shared the stage with artists including the Black Eyed Peas, the Moody Blues, Amy Grant, Bernadette Peters, and Johnny Mathis. As a solo artist, she discovered a unique niche in performing for the yacht and private aviation community. Previous clients include YachtZoo, Ocean Alexander, JetLinx, Neiman Marcus, and the Four Seasons; she is affectionately known as the Yacht Violinist for her performances at the Miami and Ft. Lauderdale International boat shows. She is also a cigar connoisseur and loves to write about them;her articles have been featured online. One of her most talked-about articles pairs iconic superyachts with their ideal cigars.

Nikki Glenn
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