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Silvia Zanovello

Banker - Political Science, Vice Presidente Cigar Club Association - CCA

Silvia likes to enjoy life to the fullest, enjoy all the pleasures it offers us like being in contact with nature and lighting a good cigar or smoking a pipe. Silvia smokes cigars because it makes her feel like time stands still… She likes to stop, think, and reflect and meditate. Slow smoking helps her forget her busy lifestyle and transfer in a different world. Her vice is to be able to dedicate time to a good cigar, read, or socialize while she smokes.

​Silvia was introduced to the cigar world about 10 years ago, when she tried a Tuscan Italian cigar. Her curiosity led her to try all types of cigars, Cuban, Nicaraguan, Dominican etc.

​Silvia has attended many courses and academies; she is in love with studying the world. On 25 October 25th, 2019, she started CigarLadies & Smokers Drinks Club. At first glance it may seem like one of the many Clubs for slow smokers that already exist but take a close look and the value will definitely catch your attention CigarLadies & Smokers Drinks Club is the only active women's club in Italy and Silvia is the president. The Club’s mission is to unite all Italian women aficionadas, but also to assisting charity organizations that help women in need.

​Silvia is also an event presenter and host. For the past 5 years she has hosted the second most important event in the world for Cuban cigars in Italy, the Encuentro Amigos de Partagas.

​Silvia is now part of the Global SOTL movement, and she strongly believes in helping create a better world, free of stereotypes.

Silvia Zanovello
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