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Val Bradshaw


Val believes that hand-made premium cigars are magical. The tastes & aromas they deliver are unparalleled and she is grateful to be part of the cigar community. She started smoking small cigars in the late 70's, with every decade bringing new & wonderful experiences. She now travels the world enjoying the all aspects of the premium cigar industry, working tirelessly to advocate the benefits that cigars can bring. WSET L3 Wine & Spirits Professional.

Cigar Analyst: Cigar Sense. Cigar Journal. Member: Premium Cigar Association.

Ambassador: Cigar Rights of America. S

ocial Media Director for Smooth Draws Cigar Radio (2015-2018) Educator: Wine. Whisky. Cigars. Cheeses of France.

Kansas City Barbeque Society: Certified BBQ Judge.

ISO9001 Project Leader.

Perfume, Cosmetics & Skincare Consultant.

Val Bradshaw
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