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Zoe Nocedo Primo

Social Sciences professor

Principal Specialist - Ramal School Cuba Ministry of Tourism

History related to Habano and tobacco in general:

1997 - 1999 Museologist, including the Tobacco Museum

1999-2018 Director of the Tobacco Museum. Link with all tobacco companies in Cuba and with Exclusive Habanos Distributors abroad.

1999-2018. Visits, conferences and other activities with Smoking Clubs or other institutions in Mexico, Germany, Italy, Spain, France and Curaçao, as well as in the Habano Festivals, Habanos Day in Mexico and Curaçao as well as in other events.

Zoe has published articles for the Excelencias del Caribe magazine and she is an Honorary Member of Smoking Clubs in Germany, Italy and Cuba.

Zoe is also a member of the Cofradia Jean Nicot based in France and she was fortunate enough to attend its 50th anniversary.

Zoe story in Cuba is also endless. She is an Honorary Member of the Balcòn del Habano, the Cuban Bartenders Association, the Cuban Vitolfilic Association and the Women of Wine project. She was also a formal invitee to the Tasting Commission of Habanos SA.

Zoe won the Chosen Award (Woman) Habano in Communication at the Habano Festival 2019.

She is the creator of several projects for the benefit of culture and promotion of tobacco culture, among them the Diploma "The Cuban Tobacco Heritage: from its origins to exclusivity" (1999-2021) and the international project Amigas del Habano (2010-2021) .

Zoe's working life was developed in the field of history and culture.

She was a professor of Social Sciences for 27 years and was also active in the heritage work (Office of the Historian of Havana) for 23 years.

Starting January 2019 to the present day, Zoe is the Principal Specialist of the Ramal School of the Ministry of Tourism. Zoe is also a professor of the HabanoSommelier Training Course and of the Habano Academy.

Zoe Nocedo Primo
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